Few days ago we received an email from Pastor Sharjeel Shafqat from Pakistan. He need prayers support from all of us. As he is holding IMPACT Youth Conference for the 4/14 window children, he, his family, and all of the participants was attacked in the middle of the event by some radicals. He had been sharing with our media team about this event for a long time. We could see that he was very excited about it. We are concerned now that did not turned out well. Please pray along with us and here is his story:

It was on 26th October, 2018, during the first day of our IMPACT Youth Conference. We were all about to have dinner after all the sessions. It was a long day, all of us including the Foreigner Speaker were tried and waiting for the dinner. Suddenly, we heard a huge sound of the big crowd. This mob came into our church yard, shouting my name and wanted to kill me. The mob tell the participants that they only need me as the church pastor. If the participants do not bring me and my family to them, they will burn the church and they might hurt the participants. However, this did not discourace the participants and some of our church members. They, church members including the young people, stood firm in front of the Church and did not hand over me into the hands of the Mob. Yet, they sacrificed themselves being persecuted by the mob.

At that night my son (Haniel) said to my wife, “Mama I think we’ll die tonight. Will Jesus save us?” These words were the result of the trauma my son (Haniel). We were stuck in the church because more than 150 people were outside to kill me and my family. Twenty church members and young people were injured, including the kids. Finally, we called the Police Station and they send their people to dismiss the mob and brought us out of the chaos. Praise God, Jesus saved us!

However, now they still monitoring the church activities and the school which within the church building. These radicals beaten up the kids and forbid them to school. They said do not go to this school. Until now, we are still hiding from those radicals. We need your help and prayers for us to be safe.

By Pastor Sharjeel Shafqat


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